by Christopher Marlowe

Adapted by Rupert Gould and Ben Power

Directed by Krissy Vanderwarker

for The Theatre School at DePaul as MFA Thesis


Wittenberg, Germany, 1509: John Faustus, doctor and scholar, vows to conjure the devil. London, England, 2001: Jake and Dinos Chapman attempt the ultimate art taboo- meddling with a set of Goya etchings. From the Gothic cathedrals of the 16th century to the lair of the seven deadly sins- Faustus challenges the limits of life and art in pursuit of immortality.

Set design by Grant Sabin
Set design by Grant Sabin

Joe Flynn, Dan Johnson, Caroline Rau, Adam Brown, Alex Hardaway

Costumes by Lissa Lamona
Costumes by Lissa Lamona

Adam Brown, Brian Crawford, Dan Johnson

Michael McKeogh as Faust, Caroline Rau as Lust

Brian Crawford as the Devil, Michael McKeogh as Faustus

Adam Brown and Alex Hardaway as the Chapman Brothers, Sonaz Izadi as Helena

Michael McKeogh as Faust

Alex Hardaway as Dinos, Adam Brown as Jake, Joe Flynn as Foster, Sonar Izadi as Helena

Caroline Rau as Bad Angel, Michael McKeogh as Faust

Dan Johnson as Mephistopheles