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What clients say about working with Krissy:

"I met with Krissy during a point in my life where I was experiencing a couple of big changes at once. She was a great listener and provided some clear actions and insights on how to approach my next steps with confidence and clarity."

- Sarah Fox

"Krissy's responses back to me were so kind and clear, totally non-judgemental, professional while also empathetic. I felt better about life after talking to her once and that seemed like a pretty clear sign. 

Our work itself was so fun - probably because I really dig thinking about myself but also because Krissy holds space so well, even over the phone, or while showing you a slide show online. She also has impeccable integrity, doing what she says when she says she will. When a part of your life feels out of control, these boundaries become incredibly important.


If you want the proof in the pudding, I straight up got a job in the middle of working with Krissy. 

If you want even better proof after working with her I feel better about myself: about my future, about my day-to-day right now. I have a clearer sense of who I am, what I want, and what some of my options are to help me get it. I’m not magically a hashtag expert, or running my own upstart guava-milk company, but I’m back in touch with my artistic core while meeting the realities of my life as they are now. 

She was worth way more than the pennies I paid, and I can’t wait to work with her more in the future."
- Sarah Augusta

"Krissy helped prepare me for a big audition. Her attention to detail really helped me carve a specific and personal audition and got me a callback!"

-    Regan Moro

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