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Personal Branding

You are your personal brand. Obvious, right? When online, talking to the barista, on the phone with your family or closing a deal, how you treat others and what you offer writes the story that folks tell about you when you aren’t in the room. We want to control that story or at the very least, shape it to be aligned with our goals. If you don’t try, someone might do it for you.

That story lives 24/7 online. We all google others; therefore, we are all being googled. Recruiters and resource managers wield online search as a critical tool in the hiring process. Investing in yourself as a brand is a huge step in controlling your own story online and off.

A compelling and differentiated personal brand rockets you toward achieving your business or career goals and reaching the folks you are most excited to help. 

The Steps to Defining Your Personal Brand:

  1. Set your personal and business goals and discover what gets you out of bed everyday.

  2. Investigate how you are currently telling your story and what stories are resonating in your social and professional spheres.

  3. Ask key people in your life how they perceive your value.

  4. Understand with whom you would like to be in conversation and define that audience.

  5. Write your brand strategy to communicate your value so that your desired audience identifies with you and wants to start a conversation.

  6. Live your brand through all available opportunities and express it across relevant online platforms.

Stand confidently in your own expertise. Get in touch if you’d like to continue this conversation or want my help going through this process.


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