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Inspired By's - Podcasts for Expansion

In an effort to inspire and lift up those who are making cool things or are living particularly compelling stories, I curate blog posts that I'm calling "Inspired By's". Enjoy! Click the tag below to see other Inspired By's posts.

I have been listening to tons of podcasts over the last few years. I pulled together a few that that you just might want to add to your library. I'm inspired by these podcasts because they encourage me to expand - whether through introducing big ideas or reframing business challenges or providing a different perspective.

Creative Pep Talk - Started by an illustrator, Andy J. Miller, this podcast is designed to help artists and other creatives to 'make a good living, making great art'. Andy has a wide array of guests and terrific tips & pointers. I always feel amped up and better prepared after listening to an episode. Plus, one of my favorite musicians, Yoni Wolf of Why?, wrote the theme music! I also love that they live their own advice through their branding & design. Check out their image above! It's rad and cuts through the flurry of podcast thumbnails.

The Creative Muscle - I am a big fan of this podcast! Recorded in Chicago by Low Res Studio, this podcast helps creatives & non-creatives "channel your creativity to make a better life for yourself and the world around you". Three or four hosts interview creative folks and answer listener questions. I appreciate host Valerie Guerra because she's a therapist (music clinician) which helps ground their message of making the world a better place; it's backed up by the hosts themselves & who they choose as guests.

The Mash-Up Americans - I learn something new or see a different perspective every time I listen to an episode of this podcast. The founders, Amy Choi and Rebecca Lehrer, approach "hyphen-America" through their "mash-up identities". Their podcast feeds my creativity because I'm introduced to how other folks experience the country and what they are excited about or working through. As they say, 'we live on the frontlines of this unique and wonderful multi-everything place, and we want to talk about it."

Awesome with Allison and Eric too! - Allison is always at 100 and it is indeed awesome. Her energy and passion for helping people unlock their full potential in life and business is infectious. I always walk away with a couple of helpful tips - if not momentous shifts in how to view the world. She is honest about her struggles as a business owner, mom, woman, person. She seems to be genuinely having fun and models real relationship conversation with her husband, Eric. I'm a big fan of their "No one cares about your kids" segments!

On Being - Krista Tippet is my queen! I bow down to her and her sense of curiosity. This podcast is about as far away from a business or personal branding podcast as you can get - and yet, I find it to be the most helpful. The interviews with deep thinkers, artists, & social justice workers help me live a more examined and joyful life. Their mission: "Pursuing deep thinking, social courage, moral imagination and joy, to renew inner life, outer life, and life together." Her voice puts me in my happy place and might be playing the the background of my vision of a peaceful and just world. It's all that's good.

The SimplyBe. Podcast - Jessica Zweig's new podcast launched just a few weeks ago and is already flying high! Jessica, a Chicagoan and the maven of personal branding, is sharing her insights on how to live more authentically and therefore attract the people with whom you want to be in conversation, collaboration and business. I've taken her personal branding workshop and can attest to the fact that she's the real deal. I can't wait to hear more episodes and see what next level she surpasses - teaching us what she learns along the way!

This list could go on and on, so I'll do a 2.0 at some point to include other favorites like Revisionist History, Radiolab Presents: More Perfect and Hidden Brain.

What podcasts do you love to listen to? Do you have particular episodes you return to?


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