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Inspired By's - Statement Jewelry (designed by women)

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

In an effort to inspire and lift up those who are making cool things or are living particularly compelling stories, I curate blog posts that I'm calling "Inspired By's". Enjoy! Click the tag below to see other Inspired By's posts.

One of my most favorite things about Instagram is finding awesome makers from all over the world. Recently, in an effort to slow down my consumption of clothes, I've been investing in (and internet window shopping) jewelry and accessories to change the look of my current closet without needing to buy more and more and more.

I've been inspired by so many awesome women making cool statement jewelry that won't break the bank. Check them out and let me know what designers or pieces are calling your name these days.

Above are: Wolf & Moon in the UK; Chicago maker & friend Cursive Design; Chicago maker Cities in Dust.

Adding a pair of killer earrings help elevate a outfit of classic pieces. Throwing on a long statement necklace is personally my favorite way of making a simple outfit more personally expressive.

Above are: Genuine and Ginger; Mineralogy (also in Chicago!); Maslo Jewelry

Some favorite shops in Chicago to check out these designers and find more are:

Hazel on Montrose

Mexican Shop in Evanston

Humboldt House in Humboldt Park


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