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Inspired By's - Quilting

Updated: Mar 2, 2018

In an effort to inspire and lift up those who are doing cool things or are living particularly compelling stories, I am curating a category of blog posts that I'm calling "Inspired By's".

This week, I'm obsessed with quilting. Yes! Quilting - that oft sidelined or diminished craft. I became interested in it as I investigated how women have traditionally shared knowledge, held space and secured bonds. I am perpetually curious in quotidian rituals of community and self care. Quilting circles are one of those kinds of rituals; in America, they are traditionally created for and by women.

I've been obsessed with quilted clothing since I saw this jacket on The House That Lars Built. Bode New York is getting great coverage for her newest collection (here and here).

Jacket & Photo from Isabel Marant

Grainline Studio has a pattern for a cute quilted jacket for those DIY'ers out there.


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